Services & Capabilities


Each client has bespoke services suited to them and their requirements.  They are used to streamline their business and to free up the client to spend more time on the things they enjoy.


Working with the client to get them where they need to be, brainstorming and available for cream teas.


Setting up new accounts systems, reconciling bank statements, raising invoices, basic book keeping, prepping receipts for accountants.


Conducting telephone survey’s, follow up calls after appraisals requested, booking appointments, chasing up enquiries.  Updating Mailchimp lists, preparing campaigns, maintaining CRM systems


Collecting data for conference speakers, setting up events from initial enquiry to follow up after event.


Reformatting documents, document conversion, prepping master documents and making alterations, copy typing, audio typing, setting up databases.


Making travel arrangements, booking train/plane tickets, hotel booking, preparing itineries, Booking appointments, setting up meetings, Email cleansing, answering queries, Tweeting, posting on Facebook, updating LinkedIn profile, call answering, phone minders