Counting your eggs

Counting your eggs

Spring into action by starting your Accounting early this year!

The Easter holidays will soon be upon us, the sky is blue, the trees are turning green, you’ve just finished the old tax year and Relax!  Or should you relax? Spring is a busy time for planting and planning and any good business owner should be thinking about their accounting plans for the forthcoming year.

This is a good time to plan in how and more importantly when you are going to start your accounts. Are you disciplined and methodically prepare them on a weekly or monthly basis so you can just hand everything over to your accountant in neat monthly stacks? Or do you leave it to the last minute and have to run around like a headless chicken looking for receipts and invoices? Then hand your accountant several large plastic bags and run away and wait for the their bill?

A Virtual Assistant can prepare your accounts on a regular basis saving time and avoiding a last minute rush to get everything to your accountant. Many VA’s have experience with different accounting packages such as Xero, Freshbooks and Quickbooks. They can work remotely to reconcile budgets and check on invoice payments along with raising purchase orders whilst you are spending more time with your clients growing your business.

Virtual Assistants are not directly employed by you they work on retainer or an agreed set amount of hours depending on the work required. As a client you don’t pay tax, holiday, NI or sickness and the VA only charges for the hours worked directly for you.