What does a Virtual Assistant do?

What does a Virtual Assistant do?

Oh you’re a Virtual Assistant… So what exactly is it that you do?

Is a question that I’m often asked when I say I’m a Virtual Assistant whilst I’m explaining I’m waiting for the ‘light-bulb’ moment when it all clicks into place and people realize what a valuable asset one would be for their company.

VA’s enable people in business to focus on what they do best growing their business. Especially in ‘creative’ companies where the admin/budgeting side gets left to the last minute, this is where a VA is invaluable. You don’t employ one; you buy their time anything from 1 – 10 hours per month so they don’t affect your overheads or bottom line.   The VA works remotely contacting you by phone/email/Skype and occasionally in person if you’re in the same part of the world!

In simple terms the VA is similar to a personal assistant, she or he just doesn’t happen to be sat at a desk at your offices. Today’s VA is smart, intelligent; up to date with new technology and is a business owner in their right. Getting things right for you the client is paramount to the VA’s own company and reputation.

Finding the right VA to work with you is key, I’d encourage you to look around: do you want one with a corporate background and specialism’s or do you want someone like myself who has worked in the creative sector and understands how that world works – flexible, able to hit the ground running as well as thinking on their feet.

VA’s also come with their own specialties/areas of expertise for example organize your social media, update your website or do preliminary research, vet CV’s for instance. They also come with their own network of contacts and trading partners; which can open up a whole new line of clients and marketing ideas for you.

My own background is television production as a project manager and since becoming a Virtual Assistant I have done preliminary research for an author, facilitated a conference for media students and connected businesses with new clients.

VA’s do work with multiple clients and also work collaboratively with other VA’s as Associates.

It’s certainly one of the best job’s I’ve ever done!