Services & Capabilities



SOS Virtual Assistants work with the client to get them where they want to be



Regular brainstorming sessions with clients, discussing new marketing ideas, providing innovative ways to get clients brands known.



Match the client needs to the software best suited to their requirements, projects and preferred means of communication.

Our Services

Each client has bespoke services suited to them and their requirements. They are used to streamline their business and to free up the client to spend more time on the things they enjoy.



Working with the client to get them where they need to be, brainstorming and available for cream teas.

Design & UX

Design & UX

Setting up new accounts systems, reconciling bank statements, raising invoices, basic book keeping, prepping receipts for accountants.



Conducting telephone survey’s, follow up calls after appraisals requested, booking appointments, chasing up enquiries. Updating Mailchimp lists, preparing campaigns, maintaining CRM systems



Collecting data for conference speakers, setting up events from initial enquiry to follow up after event.



Reformatting documents, document conversion, prepping master documents and making alterations, copy typing, audio typing, setting up databases.



Making travel arrangements, booking train/plane tickets, hotel booking, preparing itineries, Booking appointments, setting up meetings, Email cleansing, answering queries, Tweeting, posting on Facebook, updating LinkedIn profile



Phone Minders



Providing practical and affordable social media support and training to SME’s

How we work

Virtual Assistants are not directly employed by you they work on retainer or an agreed set amount of hours depending on the work required. As a client you don’t pay tax, holiday, NI or sickness and the VA only charges for the hours worked directly for you.

What Makes Us Special

Starsiren Office Services are passionate about working with sole traders and SME’s who need assistance but don’t need to employ someone in a full-time role. They can make a difference to your business and change it from busy to effective!


We're great people

We’re passionate about making you the client the best you can be.



We're dedicated

We go that extra mile to help our clients and grow their business



We're diligent

We show care and attention to detail to all tasks and aren’t afraid to ask questions and to say what we think if asked for our opinion. If it doesn’t work you need to know to implement the right changes.


We're caring

We care about your business because we’re business owners too, so if you look good we look good.



We're talented

We are good at what we do and have many years experience in administration, event organizing and television production management.



We're intelligent

We stay up to date with the latest trends and attend regular training sessions on social media amongst others to keep giving clients the best.

What our clients say about us

  • My first step to mastering the art of delegation was very well placed!  Starsiren Office Services delivered a super-efficient and affordable service and I am now a true convert to outsourcing the tasks that always seemed to hold me up and prevent me from concentrating on developing my business. Thanks Heather!!
  • Heather Siverns is not only a very competent and efficient virtual PA she also possesses excellent telephone marketing skills. She readily follows up my lukewarm leads in a very timely fashion and very professionally too. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Heather's services to anyone, especially those who work from home and find admin jobs slipping due to the pressures of work but don't have enough work to employ that extra person. Heather can keep you on track and regularly keeps you updated. She relieves the pressure which can allow you to also work ON your business as well as in it!
    Alex Crosgrave – EweMove Lytham St Annes